Donor Story


Our 25 year old son was hit by a distracted driver and died instantly.

As we were gathered in grief around our beloved Sasha, we were asked if we would consider eye donation.  I knew instantly, as his mother, that our son was happy to give this gift.  “I won’t need my eyes where I’m going!” was what I clearly heard in my head.  There was an immediate sense of Sasha’s delight that others might be able to see the world “through his eyes” — with love joy, passion and creativity.

Our son was a young artist, and had traveled the world in his twenties creating beauty in relationships and with his art.

Sasha’s gift of eyesight was a blessing to three other individuals.  And what a beautiful legacy for our family to have something of our son live on in others!

In gratitude to the Eye Bank.

“Reindeer and Northern Nights” – Sasha