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What is the Eye Bank of BC?
The Eye Bank of BC was established in 1983 as a provincial referral centre. It is part of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. We acquire, process and distribute eye tissue around the province in order to perform corneal transplants and scleral grafts. Donated tissue that is not suitable for transplant can be used for medical research. We help give the gift of sight.

Jean doesn't take her transplant for granted
"Grateful, thankful, and appreciative are words that I feel every day since my successful corneal transplant. I have always been a busy person and my diminished eye sight was curtailing my interests, and not being able to drive was a huge restriction. After nine months on a waiting list a donor 'angel' cornea was recovered by the Eye Bank of B.C. I have since, not ever, taken my good fortune for granted. I have my happy active life back and I thank any family who has a relative or friend who donated." - Jean

Shirley is back on the road again after her transplant
"I have Keratoconus, a degenerative disorder of the eye. I've had four cornea transplants over the years, since the cornea in my left eye kept on getting thinner. I can't say enough about the Eye Bank, the donors and their families and the good doctors whose incredible skills have given me the gift of sight back. After my last operation, my sight was restored within hours of my surgery and I was able to drive again within a week! I count myself incredibly lucky and want to stress how important it is to donate; whether it be eyes or organs - it really is a win/win situation all the way around!" - Shirley

How can I become a donor?
To give the gift of sight register your wishes with the British Columbia Organ Donor registry by phone at 604-877-2240 or online at
Share your wishes with your family and friends so they can help ensure your wishes are honored.

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Toll Free in Canada: 1.800.667.2060
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