Recipient Story

Deacon’s Story

Our family has been blessed by Corneal donation on numerous occasions. Sadly, our son was born with a rare genetic condition that caused his corneas to cloud over, looking much like someone who has cataracts. He had his first transplant when he was only 5 months old and from there, he’s had many more due to complications related to his condition.

He was born blind but through corneal donations, he’s been able to lead a somewhat normal life. He skis, swims, rides a tandem bike and works full time, even though he is considered legally blind and will never drive a car. These things would have been greatly reduced had it not been for the amazing care and donations that he’s had.

I wish that everyone could understand how important this is. Without your vision, life changes dramatically. It’s not something most people encounter in their lifetime, but when they do, they soon realize how limiting things are without sight.

To all of those who have donated, and their families, we are forever truly grateful. For those who will donate in the future, thank you for thinking ahead. Your gift is a life changer that is priceless.

Saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but honestly, from our hearts, Thank you!

Cecil and Randi